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 Windows 8 - Free Start Menu add-ons:



Launch StartMenu8 and you're greeted with the familiar Windows 7 Start menu orb, along with a fairly spot-on reconstruction of the rest of the classic Start menu. The only obvious sign this isn't Windows 7: the Send Feedback link under your user icon. The StartMenu8 interface isn't as customizable as that of some of the other programs here. There's no way to toggle things like the links to the games folder or the Control Panel, and most of the program's behaviors appear to be hard-wired. But it does cover the major territory for a Start menu app. It lets users log in directly to the desktop, and it can deactivate the Windows 8 hot corners and the Modern UI sidebar.

Start W8 

StartW8 is a good classic Start menu re-creation, albeit with the "flat" Windows 8 visual style, no orb graphic, and few customization options. It lets you skip directly to the desktop after logging in, but it doesn't disable charms or hot corners (not even the Start screen hot corner). StartW8 also lacks Explorer right-click integration. Pinning programs to the Start menu is difficult to figure out as well. On the plus side, StartW8 does a decent job of restoring the classic Search functionality.


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Anti Virus

AVG Free
(World leading free anti virus, used and recommended by Fix My Laptop)

Avast Free

(World leading free anti virus) 

Norton Removal Tool
(Comprehensive removal utility to erase Norton from your laptop)



Ad-Aware Spyware software
(High quality spyware scanner)

Spybot- Search & Destroy spyware software
(Another high quality spyware scanner) 

Spy Hunter software (small fee involved in downloading)
(One of the best spyware tools we have ever encountered, used in Fix My Laptop workshop to remove spyware sucessfully)

Hijack This Spyware software
(Brutal, but effective spyware/browser add-in removal tool) 



Spam Butcher (small fee involved)
(Intercepts spam before it hits your inbox - recommended by Fix My Laptop)


(Cleans up hard drive and removes unwanted registry entries) 




Remote Control

Real VNC software
(Useful remote control program)

Team Viewer
(Another useful remote control program)


Adobe Acrobat  Reader v11
(For opening PDF attachments)

Belarc software
(Software and hardware blueprint report of your computer)

Karens Replicator software
(Simple utility for performing scheduled backups)

Java download
(For webpages that require Java script)



Office 2007 compatability software or Office 2010 Word Viewer
(this allows you to view Office 2007 and Office 2010 documents in Office 2003)

Key Update Tool
(to input a new Product Key in Windows 7, Vista, or XP)


XP Service Pack 2
(Updates for Windows XP Home and Professional - in easy to install format)

XP Service Pack 3
(Latest updates for Windows XP Home and Professional - in easy to install format)

Vista Service Pack 1 and Vista Service Pack 2
(Updates for Windows Vista Home and Business - in easy to install format) 

Other Microsoft Updates

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(Microsoft Service Pack downloads)

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