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Can Fix My Laptop repair my failed NVidia GPU?

Yes, we can repair most laptops with Nvidia GPU issues. There are two ways to repair a laptop with a failed GPU on the motherboard:

-         replace themotherboard with a new one

-         repair the motherboard.

Our experience has been that HP and Dell have been profiteering on the cost of replacement motherboards to buffer them from losses in attending to in-warranty repairs of their faulty products. Fix My Laptop have researched and perfected a technique to repair the GPU problems affecting laptops with NVidia chips that are failing. Our repair has a two pronged approach:

1)      Clean and Overhaul the cooling system. Here we clean the heatsinks and fans of dust and  debris and test the fan(s) for correct speed and operation. Reapplication of thermal paste is also part of the protocol.

2)      The laptop's graphics chip (GPU) has to be heated up on the motherboard. Using a high temperature air supply and pressure we have to reset the connection between the motherboard and the GPU. A metal shim may have to be placed between the GPU and the heatsink to help keep it cooler and to try to prevent the problem from reoccurring. 

Success Rates

Whilst it is early days without "reheat" program we are encouraged with the success and we hope this will stabilize the problem long term.  From the above information you should  be aware there is a known design problem with laptop model and these NVidia GPU's.We are unable re-design the laptop, we can only repair the fault by reflowing the solder and repairing any cracks caused by thermal fatigue of the solder. A repair is usually around  1/4 of the cost of a replacement part and when successful yields the same results.