Do you do insurance reports? - Fix My Laptop

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Do you do insurance reports?

Yes, we have a 24 hour or less inspection, quotation and Insurance Report service that will allow you to lodge a claim quickly if necessary. The report will cover the inspection results, a quotation on repair or replacement, and an overall recommendation on what we consider to be the most prudent action to take.

For example, old laptops are no longer able to be repaired as parts are discontinued, also with liquid spills or dropped units, the risks of damage being more widespread that initial inspections can cause us to recommend write off.  

The insurance inspection (including dismantlement), the sourcing and pricing of replacement parts or laptop, and the written report costs $120. This is normally paid by the Insurance company. We can fax or email the report to your insurance company for you, as well.

You can quick start your report by clicking here or drop in today with your insurance details, your insurance company, claim number etc.