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How Much Should I spend on Getting My Laptop Fixed?


How Much Should I spend on Getting My Laptop Fixed?


I am asked often “do you think my laptop is worth repairing?” and before I can draw a breath to answer the customer  will add “you can buy them now from Officeworks or Harvey Norman new for $300-400”. So I thought I’d address this question of where is the tipping point for laptop replacement.


These are the factors to consider:


1. The age of your laptop. The older it is the less you’d want to spend on repairing it as the dollars you spend are 2011 dollars and your spending them on 2005-2006, etc technology.


2. The initial cost of your laptop, or more importantly, was it an expensive one for its day or a cheap one. If it was a “high end” laptop to replace it with a $400 low end new one is like going from a used BMW  worth $12000 to a new Chery also worth $12000. You may not adjust very well after being spoilt with features and quality. If it was a cheap one then replacing it with another cheap one should be OK from a quality standpoint.


3. Software and Setup. Many people, I myself for example, have my own little world happening on my laptop software wise. I have my family history software, my Quickbooks, and various other applications all installed and working. In the case of Quickbooks I have lost my installation CD so I can’t reinstall a needed program should I replace my laptop. This is typical of most users. The value of their “software world” should not be ignored as it can be very painful to try to rebuild this prematurely on a new laptop when the old one is readily repairable.


4. Data transfer can also be expensive especially if you have a lot of email, music or photos.


5. Your type of fault is also important. You’d normally never replace a laptop that has software issues as these can be fixed quickly and without  parts. 


6. Some hardware issues are also straight-forward such as a broken screen or keyboard damage, etc,  as like changing a tyre on a car, the new part will 100% fix the issue.


7. If you have, on the other hand, intermittent, annoying hardware issues like freezing up, blue screens, corrupt display, random shutting down etc, these are the type of issues that may be hard to repair and could be a sign of future unreliability as the electronics in the laptop age.


8. Also an expensive repair normally will only have a 90 day parts warranty. This is the industry standard. Whereas a new laptop you can extend your warranty to 3 years.


So here is the benefit of my experience based on laptop age; Pentium 4 laptops or older – these are not worth repairing; Centrino laptops spend up to a couple of hundred dollars; Core2  laptops maybe up to $400-700, and  i3, i5 and i7 maybe up to two thirds of their initial cost.


We offer all Fix My Laptop existing and potential customers with an honest appraisal of their repair viability as, in the long run for us, the best advise we can offer will build trust and loyalty and this will and has underpinned our business success.  Drop in or call us any time if you need help.