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I have broken a couple of keys off my laptop keyboard, can they be put back on or do I need to replace keyboard?

Unfortunately the keyboards are not really repairable regardless of how many or few keys are damaged/not working. In a few cases we can remove/replace individual keys but this is a lucky dip. The individual keys are typically held in place by what we call "little deck chairs" that press down on rubber springs. On each keyboard there are various configurations depending on key size, eg the space bar would be different from the enter key which is different from the a-z keys.

If we have a faulty/dead keyboard we can mix and match keys in an attempt at repair, but this is a hit or miss affair. We will try for you in which case the repair would be around $20 (or less depending on how long it takes to find the small parts needed)

In the worst case a replacement keyboard is needed. We normally have most keyboards in stock. (same day repair) If we have to order it in so allow for 3-5 days from job commencement. We can pull out your own keyboard and lend you an external USB keyboard until it arrives if necessary