I have spilt liquid in my laptop - can this be fixed? - Fix My Laptop

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I have spilt liquid in my laptop - can this be fixed?

First off if you have accidental damage insurance we can do an insurance inspection report to help you claim for the damage (click here to quick start your report), if not accept our condolences for the demise of your laptop. A liquid spill on your laptop can be fatal to it. If the spill has penetrated past the keyboard the unit will most likely short-circuit and fail. If the laptop stops booting up this usually indicates motherboard damage. If your laptop is completely dead (or only having a momentary flash of LED lights and some fan spin) can be a serious problem. Most commonly it is the motherboard which is a very expensive component to replace. I’d suggest the best course of action is to bring it/send it into our Windsor workshop so we can quote you on repair. Book a courier here.

Please note: If you decide to not repair this unit or you get an insurance payout we’d like to buy it for spare parts at a good price. Click here to find out more.