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My laptop seems to have viruses - how do I remove them?

Virus removal can be difficult without the correct tools and the knowledge. Make sure that you have Virus protection software installed onto your laptop. We recommend downloading the Free AVG anti-virus software if you don't have any. Be watchful of emails from people you don't know and offers that seem to good to be true. If your laptop starts acting strange or you suspect that it may be infected with viruses feel free to drop your laptop in and the technicians can do a virus removal, clean up and tune up. If the laptop is very badly infected a reload of windows may be advised. You can download anti-virus software and anti-spyware software from the links on our website.  If you prefer to have us sought out your problems feel free to request a quote here or book a courier here. If you are interstate or in rural Queensland you can use our free freight service to get your laptop to us quickly.