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Fake Technical Support Calls ....... Oh My Goodness!!!

A couple of weeks ago Fix My Laptop got a call from an “Indian” call centre. I took the call. The guy said to me “Microsoft has reported to us that your computer is badly infected with viruses and has been compromised by “Trojan Software” that is downloading and uploading your valuable data”. That call got my attention because I knew this was “a hoax call”.

I played along. He said “Are you on the internet now?”. I say “yes”. He replied “Oh my goodness, I can see the hacking report from Microsoft and things are really bad”. 

He directed me to “Right click on My Computer” and “Left Click on Manage” and then go to the “Security within Event  Viewer”. Do you see “red crosses or yellow warnings?”. I had plenty of these which are normal and totally unrelated to his “hacked computer yarn”

When I told him I had lots of red crosses and yellow warning she said  “My goodness this is bad, no wonder Microsoft has asked us to call you. But don’t worry we can fix this now online using our MCE’s” (MCE’s are Microsoft Certified Engineers). I played along and said  “Great, what can I do?”

He said “I want you to go to the folder  c:\windows\system32.” I went there. “What do you see?” he asked. I said “Dozens of folders and hundreds of files”. His reply was predictable “Oh sir, Oh my goodness, this is bad. This is downloaded data from the spyware company and has been put on your pc”. In fact its just Windows files.

Then came the hook. “I want you to type into your web browser “www.logmein123.com

And this box appeared:



The guy told me a 6 digit code to allow them access to my computer but at this stage I told him I was a computer technician and I knew hewas scamming me.

 I hung up.

  So, readers – be warned. The scammers are out there. Do not give anyone access to your computer, do not divulge your credit card details to “call centre staff” and if you think your computer has been hacked, deal with reputable repair companies.

If you Google  "fake technical support calls logmein123" you will see many many articles about this including a YouTube movie of a guy “playing along with the scammer” recording the whole thing.  Listen here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfFqgTuPKRM

Best Wishes for Christmas and keep safe.

Phillip Heibloem  Fix My Laptop.