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Fakeware or Rogue Security Software

Many computer users may not be aware of a class of computer virus called “Fakeware”. Fakeware or “Rogue security software” is a form of computer virus that deceives or misleads users into paying for the fake or simulated removal of viruses, or that installs other malware or viruses.

Rogue security software, is very common now. In recent years ,since 2008, it has become a growing and serious security threat in your computing.

How Do I Know if I have Fakeware?

Once your infected, “fakeware” software may then attempt to entice you into purchasing a service or additional software by:

1. Popping up alerts with the fake or simulated detection of viruses or malware.


 2. Showing a fake system crash and reboot.

3. Disabling parts of the system to prevent the user from uninstalling them and acting like a virus that does these things as well.

4. Altering system settings, thereby tricking Windows to issue "alerts" that spook the user.

Typically you’ll see a pop-up windows that tells you there are lots of virues or threats and if you go to their website and submit your credit card details this software will remove the threats for you.


How Did You Get Fakeware?

 Fakeware mainly relies on devious methods in order to defeat the security built into your Windows and browser software. It installs itself onto the victims' computers. A website may for example display a fictitious warning saying “your machine is infected”. You are enticed to install or purchase fakeware that will solve all your problems . Fakeware may arrive on your computer just like virues, from downloads, email attachments, .pdf’s, in music files, etc.


Can You Give Me a List of Fake Antivirus Software?

You can go to the Wikipedia website to see a list of the most common fakeware programs. If you think you’ve got  fakeware then check this list:



I’m Infected Already – What can Ido about it?

If you have Fakeware on your laptop or desktop it can be very very hard to get rid of. I’d suggest you seek professional aid in removal of these threats. In many cases you’ll have to backup your data and reformat her computer and reload Windows.

We at Fix My Laptop regularly deal with fakeware and virus threats, but remember above all else do not divulge your credit card details or buy “software” offered to you “spontaneously” however enticing it may seem.