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Some Technology Ideas for Christmas

Some Christmas Ideas - Great Computing Technology.

I thought with Christmas just around the corner I'd give you some ideas using not well known or understood computer technology that you could use that would make great gifts.

Wireless Printers  - With many of us using our laptops around the home connecting to the internet by a wireless router, its always a hassle printing out those boarding passes, movie tickets, google maps directions or other things. Solution: A wireless printer. You just send the print job to the printer from any wireless device (even an iPhone using Airprint) and it just prints. Most manufacturers have wireless printers these days.

Home Servers - With our computers choked up with photos, movies and music, all of which its good to share with other family members, why not centrally store these at home in one secure place and allow everyone to "share" them. A home server, also commonly called a "NAS" drive can allow you to do this. There are cheap "home servers" that have "mirrored hard drives" that protect your data by storing two copies of everything. A great family gift idea.

IPhone Dock  - For a teenager or adult why not consider an iPhone dock that allows the iPhone owner to listen to stored music and recharge the phone in one simple unit. An iPhone dock has speakers that avoid the need for headphones.

Tablets  - Tablets like the iPad 2 are great "consumption" devices. Great to listen to music, surf the internet, play basic games, read e-books, etc. Whilst they are no substitute for a laptop or PC, which are true "creation" devices, they nevertheless make great Christmas gifts. Tablet prices are low at the moment as brands other than Apple are fighting for market share.

Powerline Internet Adapters  - Do you have a house or apartment that has brick walls and you get poor wireless internet reception? Well why not use the electrical cables inside your walls to supply the internet to anywhere there is a power-point. How? Using a pair of gadgets called Powerline internet adapters. Plug one in next to your router or modem and its mate into the room where you can't get the internet and viola!

Bluetooth Car Radio Adapter - For the price of one police fine, turn your existing car radio into a hands-free calling and music listening device through your car stereo. You can wirelessly play music from your iPhone or iPod touch on your car stereo. And answer calls with a simple click of the button. Even use a USB port to recharge you phone.  This little beauty is the Belkin Aircast Bluetooth In-car Adapter.

I hope these ideas are helpful and also take the opportunity to wish all my column readers and customers at Fix My Laptop a Merry Christmas and a great 2012. It's the end of the world next year so lets go out with a "bang" not a "whimper" !!.