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Fix My Laptop - Major Sponsor in SBR Pain Train Rally Team 2012

Fix My Laptop has become a major sponsor in Tim Heibloem & Jon Fulton's TEAM PAIN TRAIN in the 2012 Cancer Council ShitBox Rally. 
Tim and John successfully completed the rally in 2011 and are going back for a second time demonstrating their boundless enthusiasm for dirt roads and raising money for cancer research.
According to Tim "100% of Money Raised will be going towards cancer research." "This year we have a Suburu Leonie 4x4 so going should be better than in the old Datto we had in 2011." he said. 


The Rally. In 2012 the Rally is Melbourne - Wentworth - Tibooburra - Innamincka - Windorah - Winton - Undara - Cairns. In other words up the centre of Australia from Melbourne to Cairns. But the catch is the rally car must be a bomb costing less than $1000. 
The Pain Train Team: Tim and Jon successfully completed the 2011 rally in a 1983 Datsun Bluebird Station wagon they bought for $275 at auction. Their car made the 4000km trip north to Darwin to complete the challenge (only just!). In 2012 they have switched to a 1990 Subaru Wagon and remain confident they'll make it to Cairns. This car cost a fortune ($625) but should be a little more suited for the hard road ahead. 
Who Benefits?: The ShitBox Rally has raised over $800,000 for cancer research, a disease that touches almost every family. The Shitbox Rally is a fundraising which directly funds cancer research through the Cancer Council of NSW. 100% of funds donated to the Cancel Council are contributed towards research only. 

Links: Pain Train Facebook Page Search Facebook for "Team Pain Train", Shitbook Rally Website:  



Below is the 2011 Datsun:



  If you'd like to read all about the 2011 trip click on the PDF link below:

2011 SBR Wrap UP - PAIN TRAIN.pdf4 MB