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Internet Speed - Understanding Why it Varies So Much

Internet speed is such a mystery to many people. "Why is my internet so slow while others enjoy fast speed" people often ask themselves. Is it just luck or can you take steps to ensure good internet speed?

Internet access speed is a popular bragging topic these days. For example the following discussion is overheard at a BBQ:

Laptop Failure Rates and The Merits of Extended Warranties

Laptop Failure Rates 

Fix My Laptop At 2011 Mt Gravatt Show.

Fix My Laptop will have an indoor  stand this year at the 96th Annual Mt Gravatt Show.


Fix My Laptop absorbs Upgrades Express.

It is with a tinge of sadness that I advise that as of 1st July 2011 Upgrades Express has ceased trading and that Fix My Laptop will take over its past activities, obligations and clients.

Which Anti-Virus Software is the Best?

As we enter the "colds and flu" season we naturally think about viruses and the ailments that attend as we try to ward off the unwanted effects of sickness. Many of us prepare for this by getting "flu shots" or taking other preventative measures. But unlike us humans, its "virus season" every day of the year for our laptops and desktop computers.

Backing Up To The Web

With the recent spate of natural disasters, evacuations, etc my mind has turned to protection of your most valued documents and being able to source them from elsewhere if evacuated or if the originals have been destroyed. With this thought in mind I’d like to discuss a few simple tips that can help.

Fix My Laptop - Gold Coast - New Repair Centre Ready Opens May 3rd 2011

We are pleased to advise that our third Repair Centre located at Bundall on the Gold Coast has opened on May 3rd 2011. It is centrally located at Shop 3A, 47 Ashmore Road in the heart of the shopping precinct. 

Windows 8 - Not Far Away?

The world of geeks is abuzz at the moment with the news that Windows 8 is likely to be released in late 2011 or early 2012. The first question is why would Microsort release it less than 2 years after Windows 7?. The answer seems to be that Microsoft is scrambling to keep up with the changes in technology.

Your keyboard may be dirtier than your toilet!!

At home at night as I sit and watch TV I am amazed at how many ads there are on TV that target our fear of germs, and also the threat of disease. I notice now there’s even a automatic hand-wash dispenser so you can avoid getting germs on your hard wash dispenser.

Children and Laptops – Some Survival Tips.

Over the Christmas break I read in a newspaper a story entitled “Does Not Compute” relating to the NSW Governments’ experiences with the 130,000 laptops rolled out to high school students and teachers under Julia Gillard’s “Digital Education Revolution”.  It was a disturbing report.