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Best Laptops of 2010

In December 2010, PC & Tech Authority released the results of their annual survey of technology users. They focused on brands rather than individual products and compiled results from almost 13,000 responses over 15 categories. More than 7,000 survey participants said they’d bought a laptop for the home in the previous two years.

Fakeware or Rogue Security Software

Many computer users may not be aware of a class of computer virus called “Fakeware”. Fakeware or “Rogue security software” 

Fake Technical Support Calls ....... Oh My Goodness!!!

A couple of weeks ago Fix My Laptop got a call from an “Indian” call centre. I took the call. The guy said to me “Microsoft has reported to us that your computer is badly infected with viruses and has been compromised by “Trojan Software” that is downloading and uploading your valuable data”. That call got my attention because I knew this was “a hoax call”.

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and The “Need to Share”

We have had some recent high profile examples of users of Twitter and Facebook and other social networking media brought unstuck by the careless sharing of thoughts or information best kept private.


Fix My Laptop – Special Report and Update on Laptop Premature Failure from NVidia Chipset.

History of the Issue

Back in 2007 users of HP, Dell and some other brands of laptop noticed their laptops were failing at an alarming rate. The issues seem to be tied to one common theme; faulty display or no-display issues.

Other issues reported were:

Fix My Laptop Open on Saturdays from September 2010

Fix My Laptop has decided to open on Saturday mornings to further extend our service to customers. We are open at both locations:

- Northside: 130 Albion Rd Windsor, Q 4030

- Southside: Unit 4A, 46 Mt Gravatt-Capalaba Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt, 4122


Laptop Overheating. - The Killer of Many Laptops.

Premature death of laptops can often be traced to overheating. Research conducted and reported in the  Gartner Hardware Failure Rates report of 2006 suggests that 22% of laptops die from overheating.

Longer Lasting Batteries in Laptops

Most people want their laptop batteries to last longer and here’s how to do it. You should be able to get 2-3 hours from a laptop and 5-8 hours from a netbook:


Is the Apple iPad for Me?

Apple Inc have recently released the iPad with the fan-fare we have become used to for new electronic gadgets of late. What is it and can it function as a "regular laptop"?. In this article I'll discuss this and more.