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10 Reasons Not to Buy Laptop Parts


10 Reasons to Use

Fix My Laptop.



1. Diagnostic Responsibility. If you buy the parts you assume the responsibility for the diagnosis. Regardless of how good you are, you can't always be right. I spoke recently to a repairer who had a Compaq laptop with a "punched in" screen. He ordered in a new LCD for it and when it arrived on disassembly he found burnt contacts on the LCD cable. He ordered in a cable. Then he found that the backlight did not work so he then ordered in a LCD inverter. When this arrived he fitted it only to find out perhaps why the owner had punched the screen in the first place, he had a motherboard problem. The moral of the story .... Let Fix My Laptop diagnose the fault at their cost and time. Outsource the frustration. Many parts cannot be returned, so you could finish up with a part-time Ebay business selling the parts you bought and don't need.

2. Prices. We scour the world for competitive prices on the parts we use in our jobs to ensure we remain competitive. For example if you have ever tried to purchase a replacement LCD screen from HP, Toshiba, Sony etc you will know that the prices they charge are very expensive. I recently rang Sony to get a price on a 16" LCD screen for a Vaio notebook. The price was $1280. In response to the need to have new screens at affordable prices  - Fix My Laptop have been importing from Singapore, USA and Taiwan for a while now. We have in stock the most common screens; 14.1" widescreens, 15.6" and 16" LED screens, 15.4" widescreens and 17" widescreens. We also have smaller sizes as well such as 12" and 13.3".  We carry all netbook screens from 7" to 10.2". If you need a screen replacement for a damaged laptop we can do it quickly and competitively. The same applies to all other parts, lids, hinges, bases, inverters, keyboards, etc. 

3. Speed. With our huge inventory of laptop parts we can get the job done very fast. Its common for us to complete a job in 1-2 days. We can only do this because we have invested heavily in our inventory of spare parts. We also have accounts with all major laptop Manufacturers parts departments, so we can quickly order new parts needed for a job.

4. Warranty. We offer full 90 day warranty on all parts and labour. This is the same warranty offered by Dell, HP, Toshiba, Acer, Asus and other major manufacturers. We stand by what we do and do not muck around with our customers when a warranty claim comes into play. We do advance replacements of generic parts (screens, hard drives, ram, optical drives) and lodge RA's for parts that must be returned to the Manufacturer.

5. Connections. We have spare parts accounts will all major Manufacturers and many of the smaller ones such as Clevo, BenQ, Midion (Aldi), Pioneer, etc. We know where to source hard to get parts and how to keep costs to a minimum. We have contacts in USA, Singapore, Taiwan, and UK. We can get those hard to get new and used parts.

6. Experience. We know the issues with the various makes and models; we know what to do and not do with repairs to certain models; for example we know about the Inspiron 6000 LCD tube problems, the Fujitsu LCD screens with bios recognition and error messages, Dell D420 laptop 1.8" hard drives, etc etc. Our motto is Any Brand! Any Problem! ® and we try to live up to it.

7. Sanity. Face the reality that a busy mobile or retail IT person can't do everything! When I was a mobile technician I'd be out on the road all day and bring units home at night to repair and upgrade. My wife would say "See that man, kids? He's your father!!" All work and no play/family time/etc makes for domestic drama.

8. Productivity. If you have a good customer base requiring desktop and laptop reformats, ram upgrades, hard drive replacements, virus removals, etc, you can make good money on them if you can get through them efficiently. The last thing you want is a complex laptop with a difficult to resolve hardware problem to suck you into the vortex of an attempted repair, if you offload the hard ones to Fix My Laptop you can stay productive.

9. Cash Flow. When you buy parts you have to pay for them up-front. It can takes days or weeks until the job is done and you get paid. Your cash is tied up in the job while you wait for parts to arrive, be fitted, etc. Not so with us. When you pay Fix My Laptop you can be minutes from payment with your customer.

10. Credibility and  Respect. You can win or maintain the respect of your customers by offering "full range support" of all their computers. You will loose credibility if your customer says "By the way can you fix my salesmans' laptop with broken lid hinges?" and you say "Sorry mate, never touch laptops, I just do desktops". Your customer may not be impressed as now 55% of all new computers sold are laptops. Better to say "Sure mate, I can have that fixed in 2-3 days at a very good price!!".   

For these reasons we recommend you do not buy parts. We have made the business decision to not sell parts either wholesale or retail. If you need parts we have we'll quote you on a fitted price with a discount. Request a quote here!