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Resellers of laptop repair services

Laptop Repair Subcontracting

Fix My Laptop provides a laptop subcontracting service to all computer repairers. We represent a whole new approach to repairs of Laptop and Notebook computers. In the past it has been difficult to know where to go for non-warranty repairs of laptop computers.

Because of their proprietary nature and difficulty to work on, the average computer shop struggles, the agents of Manufacturers cannot provide the level of service needed, and Makers such as Dell and HP retail directly to the public and their service model means long delays.

With Fix My Laptop it's all different:

  • Fast Service
  • Brisbane Repair Centre
  • Comprehensive Range of Products and Services
  • Helpful to All
  • Experienced Technicians in a centralized facility
  • Modern Test Equipment and Repair Tracking Database
  • Two "One-Stop" facilites for any hardware / software needs.
  • Large range of spare parts for speedy jobs
  • Free inbound Shipping for Australia wide fast repairs.

Our motto: Any Brand! Any Problem!

10 Reasons Not to Buy Laptop Parts

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How it works:

  1. Your company sends or drops in a faulty laptop to us.
  2. We book in the laptop and within 24 hrs contact you with quote. Written quotes can be done if necessary.
  3. For Every Job* you will receive $40 off the repair cost.
  4. You contact the owner of the laptop and provide them with the quote of the repair with your added profit margin. We can assist you if your not sure what a repair is worth.
  5. If the owner of the laptop decides to go ahead with the repair, you inform us about the decision and we go ahead with the repair.
  6. If the customer decides to not go ahead with the repair you will charge them for the diagnostic and quote.
  7. We charge you only $66 as a Quote Fee or Job Abandonment Fee, to cover our workshop time.
  8. All repairs where parts are readily available the repair will be executed within 1-2 days.
  9. Once repaired the laptop can be immediately picked up or shipped back to you with your chosen delivery method. (Shipping expenses are covered by your company)

Fix My Laptop provides a 3 month parts and labour warranty on every repair. In the case where a new part is used, the manufacturer's warranty for the part applies with a 3 months labour warranty.

We do not guarantee repairs against hard drive data loss! We strongly recommend for you to advise your customer of this fact and get them to sign a document that they acknowledge this fact.

We are looking forward to a great future business relationship. Join the ranks of companies like Computer Alliance, Computer Troubleshooters, Computer Central, Jims Computers and many many more.

Call us today:

(07) 3857 6875 Northside 


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*a job is a proceeded with repair, not a declined quote or abandoned job.