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By clicking the link below "add testimonial" you are able to comment on our service etc. We really value our customers feedback and want to know ways to improve and that we are on the right track of offering a great service. 

Dell Laptop not only repaired but upgraded

I use my three-year-old Dell laptop on the road periodically but between trips it sits in a cupboard. I bought it out recently in preparation for a country trip and found it was not loading up. At first I thought it might be the Windows upgrades coming through ever so slowly (it only had 2 GB of RAM so it was not the fastest laptop) but eventually I worked out that something was wrong.

A trip to Fix my Laptop revealed that the hard drive had been damaged - perhaps a bump or a rough airport luggage handler ? FML not only replaced the hard drive with a solid state one but installed an extra 2 GB of RAM and added a basic Avira anti-virus program - all for $199.

On a recent country trip the once slow laptop now works almost as fast as my desktop - even in areas where reception is not so strong. I am a happy customer and would recommend the team at FML without any hesitation.

Jan 19th 2018

Fast & Efficient

Thanks Phillip, I really appreciate the quality & speed of service. Ian C. Brisbane 3rd April 2017


I gave my laptop keyboard a full glass of red wine to drink.
It got very drunk and collapsed!
I was very stressed thinking that I would lose all my date and photos that were not backed up.
I immediately took it to FML at Albion as I knew that I would get excellent and prompt service.
Phillip phoned me the next day to say he was unable to resuscitate my laptop but gave me advice on the purchase of a new one. When I took the new laptop to him, he was able to restore my data and photos.
I was so relieved.
Irene and Angela were so friendly and made my agony bearable.
Phillip is a Magician. Thank you to you all.
Jolanta Edwards, Hamilton 24.2.17

Excellent Prompt service

Many thanks to the Fix My Laptop group at Albion. My work Dell Laptop died on me on our work payday.
The Technicians did all they could to return my laptop back to me the very next day in full working order.
They replaced the hard drive and managed to retrieve all my data in less than 24 hours. Many thanks from both my myself and our happily paid staff.

Excellent service and Great communication. Thanks

Amazed FML covered my computer under their warranty!

I took my laptop in because it stopped working - they guys figured out that it was the DC jack & they replaced it. When I took it home it worked but it didn't work very well as it kept flipping between battery & AC power mode & was really touchy at any slight move (I was very happy it worked at all though!!!).

I was so slack about calling FML because it kinda worked & it took me 2 months to get around to taking it back in to them - despite the fact I hadn't been in contact in all that time to say there was a problem they put it in to be fixed under warranty so it didn't cost me a cent more. It's come back & I'm happy to say it's working perfectly!

Big thanks to Phil for looking after me - i'll be recommending FML to my friends & colleagues!


Fixed My Laptop !!!!! Windsor!!!

Hi Tim, Just wanted to say thanks for your excellent service. I am really impressed with your service and I will be recommending you to friends.
So close to Christmas I didn't think I had any chance of getting my laptop fixed but I am so appreciative of your help.

We Entrust FML to Look After IT Requirements

I have known Phil and most of his team for a number of years now since he fixed my old Dell D600. I have entrusted Phil and his team to look after my IT requirements and of late I gave Phil my spec we needed for a project and he came up with what he felt we needed and the rest is history you can say. I don’t need to look any further or anywhere else as I know Phil will deliver what we need and when it comes to the invoice, it’s a no brainer just pay it This is the trust I have in Phil as I have no tine to muck about pricing or studying what we should need. With Thanks Dave Hill, Director ozprogroup Pty Ltd Browns Plains, Qld

Great Service, Communicated Well, Speedy, Staff Very Friendly

Hi Tim, Thank you for your great service on repairing my laptop. I appreciated how well you communicated with me about everything, and also the speed with which you undertook the repairs. Your shop assistant was also very friendly. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to others. Kind regards, Kelfa Delpech. Aug 23rd 2012.

Best Service by Brilliant Staff

The guys have done it again! They have always given me great, prompt service.

Soft and Hardware, and now Dell tech guys have let me down but Fix My Laptop at Windsor (thanks Tim) have saved me every time. They really know their stuff.


And when you haven't, don't blame the staff. 26/07/12. Anon.

Fix My Laptop - THE BEST!!!!

Dear Tim and the folks at FML. Yet again, I am deeply grateful for your speedy fabulous work in getting my ancient Dell laptop off its last legs and breathing some more life into its ancient workings. Tim, you are a WIZARD... and office staff, Angela and Irene, you are totally WONDERFUL. Thanks so much, FML Team! All best wishes, Louise (QUT) 30th May 2012.



Affordable and quick service

I spilled liquid on my Dell and I was worried too much about all my non backed up data in the computer. Could not believe that I had to loose my laptop and the contains. Emailed FML and received a response the next morning. Phillip assured me that they would look after my computer. Same day I received a quote which was quite affordable and nothing compared to the value of my data. Called him to thank and he gave me another discount that I could never think of. Now, my laptop is all fixed and I am writing this feedback from my beloved laptop that I spilled a whole lot of liquid on last week. Thank you Fix My Laptop and thank you Phillip!

Imran Ahmed
Certified Technologist, Australian Computer Society 2nd April 2012

My Laptop Fixed within 3 Hours

I had a liquid spill on my laptop 3 weeks ago, it didn't show any problems straight away, but as of last friday it stopped booting when I turned it on. My husband tried to fix it, thinking it was a software problem and for three days he could not solve it. So this morning I took it to the "Fix My Laptop Shop" @ Mt Gravatt, the crew were amazing and had my laptop fixed within 3 hours ready for me to pickup.....these guy are great :) Thank you for your friendly and prompt service. Jacqui Scott, 27th March 2012.

Great Staff and Great Service !

A big thank you to Irene for her friendly and understanding manner and to Tim at the Albion store for his efficient service when fixing my sister's laptop. It probably took a total of 5 minutes for Tim to retieve a camera card that had been placed incorrectly in the laptop and with no charge! I was recommended by friends to try Fix My Laptop for our problem and will be definitely recommending them to everyone I know. So very reassuring to find a business today that gives quality service and values their customers. Great job guys!
Anon. 23/03/12.

Thank you Fix My Laptop

Thanks to Phillip and the team [at Fix My Laptop - Southside] for helping me out at a time of great need. Being a university student, your ability to diagnose the problem quickly saved me time and most importantly money. You went above and beyond for me, and I sincerely thank you. You have a customer for life, and someone who can't sing your praise enough. I will be recommending you to anyone who needs help with their laptop, confident that they too will be more than happy with your service.

I had a terrible experience with two other companies. Many months later, you fixed two computers in one day. One company told me one laptop was beyond repair and would be cheaper to replace. The other company had my laptops for two weeks, and I had to physically chase them to get them back as they had stopped answering their business phones.

Thank-you for proving them both wrong in their abilities and ethics.

Cheers, Monica Campbell - 4th February 2012

Refreshing to Have a Company See to the Customer’s Needs !!

To the Staff at Fix My Laptop I would just like to thank you for the prompt and efficient service we received, especially this time of year. It’s was refreshing to have a company see to the customer’s needs rather then delaying the service and making excuses. Once again thank you, to have the laptop back before xmas was greatly appreciated. Stephen Gee 23rd December 2011

Very professional, efficient and friendly people to deal with!!

Hi guys I just wanted to say thank you so much for replacing my sons laptop screen, I know I paid for it but thank you for your promptness and making the process so easy. You [at the Gold Coast Repair Centre] were very professional, efficient and friendly people to deal with. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you all. Cheers Tania T. Senior Project Officer, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Unit

Gold Coast Guys - Thank you thank you thank you!

I am up on the Gold Coast, I have a simple problem with my Lap Top and I called in to Fix My Laptop on the Goldcoast and asked them to fix what I thought was a very minor issue. Turned about to be a MAJOR ISSUE and they dropped everything, kept it overnight and rang me the next morning to come and pick it up. It's now working better than it ever had. So thank you Tim and Daniel for being so fantastic and obliging and helping me out when I was on holidays and needed my computer urgently for business purposes.

Frances Simpson, Ballarat, Victoria October 3rd 2011.

RAM Upgrade - I'm HUGELY impressed

This afternoon I phoned Fix My Laptop in Albion and spoke to Lance. I was enquiring as to whether they had a phillips screwdriver tiny enough to take the back off my PC to replace the RAM. I explained to Lance that I am recovering from a broken leg and still on crutches, so I wouldn't have been able to get to their shop, especially as I would have had to cross a very busy main road.

To my surprise Lance said he'd drop a screwdriver off on his way home from work. He arrived at the time he said he would and then proceeded to help me replace the RAM. Not being a computer minded person I don't think I would have been able to master the other technical issues involved, so I was HUGELY impressed by Lance's service skills, kindness and pleasant attitude. It wasn't any trouble at all for him.

In this day and age it's really hard to find people like Lance in the service industry, so he's a great ambassador for your company. I hope he is justly rewarded by his superiors. Thanks guys. I'm a happy customer. Regards, Ian
Sept 2011.

You can trust these people!

I had this great idea to give my old laptop away, but it had been in storage for 12 months and needed refurbishment. I did a Google search and found Fix My Laptop. A quick phone call connected me with Irene; it was so great to talk to a person and not a machine. I had driven past their shop at Windsor so many times. They provided all the help I needed and fixed my laptop immediately. It was a pleasure to deal with such wonderful people who truly value their customers, provide a fantastic customer experience and deliver the best quality work. What I found even more special about Irene, Phil, and the team are their charitable contributions. They repair old laptops and give them away to people who really need them too. I will recommend Fix My Laptop to my family, friends and colleagues. You can trust these people!" Shaun Michels 1st Sept 2011. via facebook :

Gold Coast Store - You Guys Were Amazing!

Thank you so much to the team at the Gold Coast store they helped get back my 3 year 12 assignments that were corrupted and had vanished!! you guys were amazing ! :) Bree Palmer. 18 Aug 2011. Posted on Fix My Laptop Facebook page :

I will definitely recommend you !!

Hi Phillip, I just got my laptop back from your company [Windsor Repair Centre] - and I am really happy. You have been the only company to provide me with a reasonable quote and a correct guess in terms of the problems at the same time. And, it took your colleagues only half a day to fix my laptop (the cable was loose) - so it was even cheaper than you quoted. Most other companies did either not reply (like Dell) or could not tell me at all what might be wrong, how much it will probably cost and how much time it will take to fix it. So thank you very much - I will definitely recommend you. . Kind regards, Michael O. Aug 1st 2011.

Great Work

My Mum was having some troubles with her laptop, so I found somewhere for her to take it to get it looked at. She's not very tech savvy and was a little worried about having to explain the problem that needed to be fixed.

She said that Phil at the Windsor store was very helpful and understanding and didn't ramble on with any technical terms.

Very quick turn around, good price, and now her laptop is working fine.

Highly recommended!
Anon. 27/07/11.

I certainly be referring people to you!!

Narelle Savage posted on Fix My Laptop's Facebook Wall. "Thank you Phillip Heibloem at Fix my Laptop for fixing our dead computer...I certainly be referring people to you!!" Go to our Facebook Page : July 24th 2011.

Old Acer Laptop Fixed Same Day !!

I want to thank the staff at Fix My Laptop Gold Coast for their prompt service. I have an old Acer TravelMate 529ATX that we used for design of engine valve springs.
The keyboard had failed on it. I went to the shop at Bundall and they had a new keyboard in stock and fitted it same day. The price was also really reasonable as well. Very happy.

Alan. Performance Springs, Ormeau. May 25th 2011.

Why Go Anywhere Else.

It is very hard in this day and age to find a company which offers true service and also after sales service.
I live at Kallangur and even though I pass seven computer repair businesses. NONE of them give me the satisfaction that FIX MY LAPTOP do.
Courtesy and Friendly Service,Fantastic Communication and on top of all that a damn good price to match.
Well done FIX MY LAPTOP.
I cannot speak highly enough of your company.

Larry from Kallangur. 0408703529.

PS.. If you don't believe me I have given my mobile number If you wish to check.

May 17th 2011.

Incredibly Fast Service in an Emergency

My business laptop died 2 hours before an important deadline.

I called Fix My Laptop and they saw me straight away and had the important files saved within 20 minutes. VERY impressed and very happy.

They saved my reputation with an important client.

Would definately recommend!!!
Anon. 27 March 2011

HP Laptop DC Jack

I bought my laptop in 2007 and it was working alright till 2008 may...I had a problem in my DC power jack and FIX MY LAPTOP came to my rescue. They did they job perfect and delivered it in time. But just after 7 months i had the same problem and these guys said sorry they cant help as the warranty has finished. Later I came to know that have used after market product to fix it. Thats why it has worn out soon. But these guys escaped saying the warranty is over and the warranty they gave was just 3 months. So what do they mean they work will last only three months is it? Highly insane....
Anon 28th Feb 2011

3 Months Warranty

Whilst we sympathize with "HP Laptop User" we do have a 3 month warranty on DC jack repairs. And yes, we do not use "HP" DC jacks because they do not exist. HP expect you to buy a new motherboard where the jack is soldered on and damaged. We source the loose DC jack components from the same suppliers that supply HP and others. I note that the jack worked for 7 months demonstrating that we did do the job properly. The simple truth is that DC jacks fail from rough handling like tripping over the cord, etc, and I suspect that after 7 months this was the likely cause of the failure. Also I'm sure we never said to "HP User" we would not help him, we probably offered to repair it for the standard fee and he did not want to do that. Phillip - Fix My Laptop 27 March 2011

Thank you - Fix My Laptop Southside

Thank you Fix My Laptop Southside for fixing my laptop and also putting a Windows application program back on my computer at no extra cost. Your service was great and the price was even better. You treated me with respect and made me feel welcome. I will be coming back next time I need my laptop fixed.
A big thanks!!
Gail Dec 5th 2010.

Great and Superfast Service at Southside Store

I called their Office around 10am - got a quote to fix my Dell Inspiron that I had spilled lots of hot coffee on 5 days ago. Despite my best hopes it just got worse.

Got to their Office around 12.30pm - told them my problem - they remembered my call 2.5 hours before. The Boss took my system in the back - came back 3 minutes later to ask if I wanted 'new' or 'used' keyboard. I said used would be fine.

In the back again he goes. 2 more minutes and he asking me to check that it works fine. It does so pay them just over $100 and I'm on my way before 12.45pm.

Great service with a great smile.

Mike Molson
Mount Tamborine. Nov 2010.

Long Drive Rewarded

Mike had driven from Mt Tambourine to Brisbane to have his keyboard replaced and we gave him an "on-the-spot" solution. Most keyboard jobs take 1/2 to 1 day to do, as jobs go into the workshop in a queue. Naturally we try hard to accommodate customers with special needs. Phillip - Southside Manager.

Trustworthy Laptop Repair Business

I booked my Asus M70V laptop into Fix My Laptop (job # 6834) at Upper Mt Gravatt with the fault of the laptop not booting up and failing to come out of hibernation. Fix My Laptop tested the laptop and then rang me to tell me the unit was still in warranty and they could handle this matter for me for a small fee. So let me thank you for making the whole warranty procedure with Asus completely painless, as well as for the extra touches (such as the data backup/restoration and retrieving my SD card). I'll undoubtedly be passing the Fix My Laptop name on to my friends when they get into difficulty. Good to know that there's a trustworthy laptop repair business just ten minutes from home. DCF. Mansfield Q. 25/09/10

My HP TX2000 Laptop Died

My HP TX2000 laptop progressively died after I knocked it off my desk onto a concrete floor. I got heaps of quotes from HP and other computer stores, until I finally got a quote from Fix My Laptop. Fix My Laptop talked me through my issues and gave me options to deal with the problem. They were straight talkers and looked hard to find the least expensive resolution.

The Fix My Laptop team quickly sourced a second-hand screen to replace the cracked one. The wireless then died and again the FML team got me back up and running quickly. However, the motherboard was damaged in the fall and progressively I lost functions until the computer just refused to switch on. When I replaced the computer the FML team provided fantastic advice and assistance on how I could restore my data from my old laptop's hard drive,which was tied up tightly with file security. The FML team are a Godsend and it is great to know they are always there as a safety net.

I am back up and running and didn't lose a single bit of data. Thank you. Glyn 26 August 2010

Regarding the Toshiba Laptop with virus infection

Phillip, Regarding the Toshiba Laptop with virus infection, thank you for your email, but the laptop has been in and repaired. The service from your people is great and will use them again if needed for any computer problems. Anne W. 16 Aug 2010

Replacement D.C. power jack

A big thank you to Fix My Laptop for their prompt service and honest, up front information. I have been having a lot of trouble finding someone to replace the power jack in my laptop, no-one would give me a firm quote and some would not even mention a price at all. Fix My Laptop were very informative and explained everything clearly, fixed a minimum and maximum price I would have to pay. The outcome was I spent under $200 (half the 'expected' price of some other shops) and now have a laptop back to as new condition. They even replaced a lost keyboard key free of charge! So again Thanks to Fix My Laptop, I will be coming to you for future repairs and advice as well as recommending you to everyone I know.
Hal Cozens. 11th Aug 2010

I will be recommending you to everyone!

My Acer 6530 laptop was only one year old yet it was running very slow and I wanted it to run decent again. Being very slow, and I was not able to watch videos because they would not stream without stopping and starting, After an email quote I booked it in. At the Upper Mt Gravatt store they were able to service my laptop and get it running very well again. I just want to say a big thanks for fixing my laptop to everyone at Fix My Laptop. It was worth every $1 I spent and the pickup service certainly made the whole situation much much easier. I will be recommending you to everyone! Thanks. Janina 7th March 2010

I'm really pleased with the work you guys did.

I contacted Fix My Laptop by email with an 8 point list of items I needed fixing on my laptop; the keyboard had a letter popped off, the DVDRW was not working, the lid was not working right and it needed a dust out and a good service. I got an email reply from Phillip with a price estimate on each task. I had the Asus F3J couriered to you at no cost to me at the Upper Mt Gravatt branch and within a few days they had replaced my laptops base, fitted a used keyboard and DVDRW. Prices were as quoted or lower.

Hi Phil – I just want to say I'm really pleased with the work you guys did.
Thank you.

Kind regards
4th March 2010


I visited the new store at Upper Mt Gravatt with my troublesome Compaq F500 laptop over-heating and crashing. I felt like a valued customer right from the first interaction with Staff, nothing seemed too difficult. I told them I was visiting from the Sunshine Coast and had time constraints, so rather than ignore me needs, the technician pulled the laptop apart in front of me. His expertise was awesome and he didnt mind sharing his knowledge so I learned quite a bit as this proceeded, He had parts in stock to fix the fan, the dc jack, the USB ports on the motherboard. I was particularly impressed with them cleaning all the dust from the inside of my machine. The laptop was tested for its reliability once it was reassembled and I was assured of a working machine when I left the store. This meant for me that the time I spent at Fix My Laptop Upper Mount Gravatt was not waisted and since then my machine has been working as good as new. My laptop was originally bought as a secondhand machine and I feel security now, its working so well and so reliably and that I can return to Fix My Laptop and know that I have found a service that knows what their doing, cares about their service, fixing in speedy time frame and has parts in stock to assist.
Jennifer Sutherland Warana
9 Feb 2010.

Take the stress out if running around

My laptop crashed to the floor and worked no more. I phoned several other repair places they don't offer a free courier service and were not interested when I mention "insurance quote". Fix My Laptop looked after the quote and faxed it to the insurance company for me. If your looking for a stress free service than give these guys a try.
Anon. Feb 2010.

Efficient, Courteous and Timely Repair

I refer to the above invoice (317) and would like to compliment you and your staff on the efficient, courteous and timely repair of my laptop.I am getting the following message on boot up:Intel Boot agent FE v4.1.09,Client mac address: 00080d5570c5, Guid: F31ee180 044 18dc 8010 b11083129908 DHCP

This message isn’t unlike the one I got with previous hard disc.Can you advise me what to do please.

Kind Regards
Derek and Lorna
Mudgeeraba Qld. 4213
Jan 2010

Missing Keyboard Key

Took daughters Acer Laptop in as she had somehow lost a key off keyboard,
"Fix My Laptop" had a look and said they could fix it while I waited.
Terrific service fixed it in a couple minutes and said no charge ..awesome !!!!
Old school service .....friendly staff !


Laptop Screen Repair/RAM Upgrade

To Fix My Laptop,

Thankyou so much for repairing the LCD scren on my son's laptop.
Additional RAM was added to the machine also.
Delivery instructions made things easier, service was prompt and communicated well. It would have cost me so much more to buy a whole new laptop.

Neil Kelly
25 Nov 09

Extended Warranty Insurance Claim

Dear Angela, Just a brief note to “Thank-You” for the great customer service I received from you and your team. It has been a pleasure dealing with “FIX MY LAPTOP” only because of the friendly, polite and helpful service you have provided. You have gone all and above to help me and nothing was ever too much trouble. I truly wish all customer relations had the same manners and wonderful staff that work at Fix My Laptop. Thank-you for everything and especially your patience! Regards T.P. Sunshine Coast

HP Computer Hard Drive Replaced

My HP computer was slowly dying - failure to boot up, slow to work... Luckliy it was under warranty and Harris Technology sent me to Fix My Laptop. They identified a hard drive problem, replaced it and restored all my software and files, in 1.5 days. Took it home plugged it in and back in business.

The service and speed completely eclipses my previous experience with computer repair places.

It has been a pleasure dealing with Fix My Laptop, thanks.
21 Oct 09.

Speedy Service - A Job Well Done!!

Hi Phillip,
Just letting you know that I received the laptop today. I would like to thank you and your team for a job well done, and for such a speedy service.
I am very impressed and will be recommending your company to all my friends.

Much Appreciated,
Lorraine J. Bagara Qld. Aug 09.

Laptop Screen Replacement

Just wishing to pass on my thanks to the staff at Fix My Laptop for their professional service and advice. Kids cracked the screen on their ASUS laptop, I received a timely and reasonable quote and had the screen replaced, had it back within a few days. Unfortunately the new screen died (not the kids fault this time), however the guys at Fix My Laptop, although it was out of the three month warranty replaced it once again at no cost. Thank you from a very satisfied customer. Paul Lincoln. Pine Mountain. Aug 09.

Asus Laptop Keyboard Repair.

I needed a keyboard for my asus laptop, i found fixmylaptop on google. I sent an email and fixmylaptop replied with quote for cost of parts and fitting.

I prepaid and put my replacement keyboard on order, two days later my keyboard arived and my laptop was fixed while i waited.

Very happy with the service and help that was provided. Thankyou
Anon. May 20th 2009.

Excellent Service to Interstate Truck Driver

I am an interstate truck driver. My laptop is an important tool for me whilst out on the road due to the nature of my work.
I value the service and no nonsense approach I get from Phillip and the team. Not being home in Brisbane a lot or for a short time, if I need help even whilst out of state I can call and get the help or guidance I need.
In our game we don't have the luxury of knowing who's who as we are away a lot. Very few business's we come across have any idea or understand our needs, in fact many try to rip us off as we are transient. This makes us very conscious who we deal with.
Fix My Laptop is one business I have no hesitation in recommending.
Thanks to the team@fixmylaptop.
Dave H.
20 May 09.

Broken Laptop Screen

Cheapest price around! Great service- really convienent. Used the drop off point and then it was couried back to my house. Was so efficient. Fixed within one day! Excellent! Definately recommend!
April 27th 2009.